About ¡Hey!


What is ¡Hey!?

We are the constant fight against intimidation and lack of respect. ¡Hey! Wants to be the mean to raise voices against the abuse and fear we experience in the streets. With a cellphone app, street harrassment victims will be able to share their stories and be supportive to one another. Also, our platform includes a pinpoint map to expose conflictive areas. Join the community that yells ¡HEY!

Our mission

¡Hey! Is an international movement lead, in Costa Rica, by the alliance of feminist groups: Peras del Olmo. We use teamwork to understand street harassment, to leave our fears behind and join forces to regain our freedom at public spaces.

Our vission

To prevent and halt prejudices that generate violence in the streets and other public spaces.

Our history, values and ideological motives

We named our movement Peras del Olmo to represent this alliance of individuals, groups and feminists organizations. Peras del Olmo refers to the Spanish colloquial saying “to request pears to the elm tree” which means to ask for the impossible. With this motto, we vindicate and recognize feminist fights and achievements as fruits that were once impossible but today are -or will soon be- a reality. Peras del Olmo also surfaces from the desire of honoring two Costa Rican feminists; real “elm pears” of our society; artists Emilia Prieto (“El Olmo que dio Peras” print) and Sila Chanto (“Las Peras del Olmo” research and exhibition), acknowledging that the feminist Elm has already provided fruits and will continue to.


Peras del Olmo is a Costa Rican alliance of organizations, feminist groups and independent activists in defense and promotion of human rights and against sexism, racism, homo/lesbophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and male chauvinism.


Peras del Olmo aims to enhance the collaboration among individuals, groups and organizations to prevent and vanish prejudices, stereotypes and gender roles that increment the lack of equality between men and women rights, a difference that maintains a sexist, chauvinistic and patriarchal society fueling gender violence and preventing the creation of a fair and equalitarian world.


Values & Ideological Bases


We adhere to feminism as doctrine and social movement, recognizing the profound inequality and violence women currently suffer and the real need to reclaim womens’ rights before the chauvinist/macho constructions of modern society.


We understand that sexism, prejudices, gender roles and inequality extend and affect all members of society in different ways, which is why we work against the patriarchy, in all its forms.


We firmly believe that unity provides strength and that with sorority and solidarity, we enhance teamwork before confrontation to obtain solutions to problems that we face as a society.


We work based on a mutual and emotional understanding of one another’s realities with respect, in an effort to understand respective points of view, sharing a desire to improve the common quality of life.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Replacing sexism with racism is not a proper Hollaback. Neither is classism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, and the usage of any other identity signifier. In our experience, street harassment comes from people in every facet of our cultures and every strata of society. We ask that you refrain from referencing the attributes of your harasser because this movement is about changing societal values, not pointing fingers. If you feel those details are important to your story, please make sure its relevance is explained clearly and constructively in your post.

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