Organizations working against street harassment:


¿Piropos o acoso? – CR

We fight against Street harassment in Costa Rica. Our voices are the educational and awareness campaigns our country needs.

Due to legal reasons and timing, we do not intervene on each legal complaint but we do guide the victims to report any sort of happening.


Colectiva Caminando

A feminist group that, via art and performance walks, create room for questioning, reporting malicious acts, thinking and practicing sorority.


Acción Respeto: por una calle libre de acoso

They create awareness on street harassment women suffer on a daily basis.

Their goal is to create consciousness so people question verbal abuse against women on public spaces and help to build a more respectful society where violence is no longer diminished.

This is a call for action and activist movement for every person, no matter their gender identity and/or sexual preference.


E-mail: [email protected]


El Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero Costa Rica

The Observatory against Street Harassment is a nonprofit organization aiming to expose street harassment as an act of gender-based violence. We give room for women and men to share their stories and opinion regarding this form of aggression that occur in public spaces on a daily basis.

Public spaces belong to the entire population with no exceptions. Our union will allow us to stop #streetharassment (#AcosoCallejero) and to build a fairer and free society.


E-mail: [email protected]